EDBT 2000
VII. Conference on Extending Database Technology
March 27-31 2000 · Konstanz - Germany
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The Ph.D. Workshop proceedings are online. You can get a complete postscript document (140 pages, 7 MB zipped) including all papers and a list of participants: edbt2000-phdworkshop.ps.gz

Single papers can also be downloaded (see below).

Ph.D. Workshop Program
1 · Query Processing Fri (Mar 31), 14:30-16:00
    Management and Query Processing of One-Dimensional Intervals with the UB-Tree
    Robert Fenk (FORWISS/MISTRAL, München) (Fenk.ps)

    The mQp Tree: A Multi-Dimensional Access Method based on a Non-Binary Tree
    Miryam Salas (U Extremadura) (Salas.ps)

    Cost-Based Object Query Optimization
    Quan Wang (Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology) (Wang.pdf)
2 · Object-Oriented Databases & XML Fri (Mar 31), 14:30-16:00
    Design and Implementation of a Deductive Query Language for ODMG Compliant Object Databases
    Pedro R. Falcone Sampaio (U Manchester) (Sampaio.ps)

    Managing Complex Taxonomic Data in an Object-Oriented Database
    Cedric Raguenaud (Napier University, Edinburgh) (Raguenaud.ps)

    Active Behaviors within XML Document Management
    Angela Bonifati (Politecnico di Milano) (Bonifati.ps)
3 · Query Processing & Spatio-Temporal Databases Fri (Mar 31), 16:30-18:00
    Dynamic Query Optimization and Query Processing in Multidatabase Systems
    Henryk Josinski (Silesian Technical University, Gliwice) (Josinski.pdf)

    Indexing Techniques for Continuously Evolving Phenomena
    Simonas Saltenis (U Aalborg) (Saltenis.ps)

    Managing Aging Data in Temporal Databases and Data Warehouses
    Janne Skyt (U Aalborg) (Skyt.ps)

    Relational Algebra for Spatio-Temporal Data Management
    Jose Ramon Rios Viqueira (Agricultural University of Athens) (Viqueira.pdf)
4 · Semi-Structured Information & Multimedia Databases Fri (Mar 31), 16:30-18:00
    Graphical Query Languages for Semi-Structured Information
    Sara Comai (Politecnico di Milano) (Comai.ps)

    VirtualMedia: Making Multimedia Database Systems Fit for World-Wide Access
    Ulrich Marder (U Kaiserslautern) (Marder.pdf)

    Integrating and Managing Multimedia Presentations by a Web-based Object Server
    Jose-Luis Zechinelli-Martini (LSR-IMAG) (Zechinelli.ps)
5 · Spatio-Temporal Databases Fri (Mar 31), 18:30-20:00
    Spatio-Temporal Constraint Databases built on Object-Oriented Frameworks
    Annalisa Di Deo (GMD-FIRST) (DiDeo.ps)

    The Design of Decision Support Systems for Effective Use of Spatio-Temporal Data
    Renato Fileto (U Campinas) (Fileto.ps)

    Spatial Distributions Server Based on Linear Quadtree
    Piotr Bajerski (Silesian Technical University, Gliwice) (Bajerski.pdf)
6 · Multimedia Databases Fri (Mar 31), 18:30-20:00
    A Federated Multimedia Database System
    Henrike Berthold (TU Dresden) (Berthold.ps)

    Content-based Video Retrieval
    Milan Petkovic (U Twente) (Petkovic.pdf)

    Top N Optimization Issues in MM databases
    Henk Ernst Blok (U Twente) (Blok.ps)
7 · Data Mining Sat (Apr 1), 8:30-10:30
    Discovering and Processing Sequential Patterns in Databases
    Marek Wojciechowski (Poznan University of Technology) (Wojciechowski.pdf)

    Mining Numerical Databases with Generalized Quantitative Association Rules
    Michal Okoniewski (Warsaw University of Technology) (Okoniewski.pdf)

    High Dimensional Clustering on Large Data Sets
    Alexander Hinneburg (U Halle) (Hinneburg.ps)

    Quality Assessment and Uncertainty Handling in Data Mining Process
    Maria Halkidi (Athens University of Economics & Business) (Halkidi.pdf)
8 · Miscellaneous Sat (Apr 1), 8:30-10:30
    Automated Diagnosis and Control of DBMS Resources
    Darcy G. Benoit (Queen's University, Kingston) (Benoit.pdf)

    Concurrency Control in Real-Time Database Systems
    Piotr Krzyzagorski (Poznan University of Technology) (Krzyzagorski.pdf)

    Transaction Management on Replicated Data
    Katarzyna Harezlak (Silesian Technical University, Gliwice) (Harezlak.pdf)

    Intelligent Wrapping of Information Sources in an Electronic Commerce Environment
    Sebastian Pulkowski (U Karlsruhe) (Pulkowski.ps)
9 · Data Warehouse Sat (Apr 1), 11:00-12:30
    The Construction and Maintenance of Materialised Object-Oriented Views in Data Warehousing Systems
    Robert Wrembel (Poznan University of Technology) (Wrembel.pdf)

    Logical and Physical Design in Data Warehousing Environments
    Ladjel Bellatreche (University of Science & Technology, Clear Water Bay) (Belletreche.ps)

    Efficient Processing of the Cube Operator
    Martin Zirkel (TU München) (Zirkel.pdf)
10 · Miscellaneous Sat (Apr 1), 11:00-12:30
    A Flexible Event Service for Integrating Distributed Database Applications
    Genoveva Vargas (LSR-IMAG) (Vargas.ps)

    Quality-driven Query Planning
    Felix Naumann (HU Berlin) (Naumann.ps)

    Adding Constraints to Logic-Based Workflow to Obtain Optimized Schedules
    Pinar Karagoz (METU Ankara) (Karagoz.ps)

    A Data Model for Effectively Computable Functions
    Kevin H. Xu (Purdue University) (Xu.pdf)

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